Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to, your online destination for fashion in the Middle East. We offer an ever expanding selection of the most desirable brands at attractive prices, all delivered for free directly to your doorstep. With a risk-free 7 day return policy and a commitment to customer service, YallaWalla is the safest and most secure way to shop online.

Enjoy your fashion delivered! Exclusively by YallaWalla.


How can I place an order at YallaWalla?
Visit us on and select the items you like by clicking on the item, selecting your preferred size and quantity and finally clicking on “Add to Bag”
Choose between “Continue Shopping” if you would like to add more items or “Proceed to secure checkout” if you are done shopping.
If you are a new customer, register here with your contact details. Otherwise, click on "Log in", and fill your details.
Choose your shipping address then “Go to payment”.
Choose your desired payment method and click on “Buy Now”. Stay relaxed, we will take care of the rest!
How do I register?
Click on “My Account” link at the top right of the page.
Please complete all fields marked with * accurately
Click on save.
Congratulations! You now have an account and are ready to start shopping!
Why login and what does it mean?
It is very important for you to have an account and login in order to have full access at YallaWalla. For convenience and security reasons, we need to know your account details in order to allow you to shop with us. If you still do not have an account, please do register here

Do you have a showroom? Where is your store?
We do not have a physical store as we are an online shopping website. We offer fast and free delivery to your home or office. If you do not like the product or it does not fit, we will pick it up for free. Avoid the crowds at the malls and shop from your desk or home!

Can I come and try on the items before I buy them?
YallaWalla is an online shopping website. All of our items are stored in a warehouse that is not open to customers. We offer a much simpler solution: Everything you see on our website can be bought and delivered to your doorstep free of charge. In case you don't like your item or it doesn't fit, you can exchange it or order a new item within 14 days.

I placed my first order as a guest. How can I now create an account with the same email address?
When you checkout as a guest, we create an account for you with a temporary password. If you want to use the same email address, go to Login link at the top right of the page and click on “Forgot your Password?”. A password reset email will be sent to you so you can set a password of your choice and continue to use the same email address for your account.

Why do I have to verify my phone number?
For COD (Cash on delivery) orders, we need to make sure your phone number is valid so our courier can get in touch with you to schedule the delivery. When you finish placing your order, we will send a verification code to your mobile. Then we will redirect you to a page where you can enter that code to verify your phone number.

If you didn’t verify your phone number on checkout and you are a new customer, we cannot confirm your “Cash on Delivery” order until we call you - so hang on tight to your phone! Good news is that once your phone number has been verified, you will not have to go through the phone verification again if you use the same details.



How can I return an item?
At YallaWalla, we are proud to offer a hassle free return/exchange policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from YallaWalla follow the steps below:

Contact our customer service team via the Contact Us form or call us at +97142654404  in the UAE to initiate the process.
We will inform our courier to pick up the item from your doorstep within 2 working days. We won’t keep you waiting!
Let us know when the item has been picked up so we can issue your return coupon which is redeemable on our website for the price of the item that you returned. You can use that coupon to order the same item in a different size or just to order any other item you would like!
What is the return notice period?
We provide our customers with a 14-day notice period of returns. Please note that the items must be in the original packaging and must be unused.

Do I get a Refund? Do I get my money back?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer cash back or Credit Card/PayPal refunds. However we offer refunds in the form Store Credit. This means that if you place an order and you are not satisfied by the product received, we give you the possibility to return it for free - we would pay the return shipping fees and would issue you a Store Credit coupon for the value of the item that you are returning. This will give you the opportunity to choose the size that suits you or to order another item altogether!

For example, if you paid AED100 for an item, AED100 will credited to your YallaWalla Account after you’ve returned the item to us. Please note that the COD charge - AED 15 - is not refundable, as it goes to the courier company.

How long does it take to get a refund/exchange coupon?
The sooner you inform us that you want to initiate a return process the better! Our courier will schedule a pickup from your doorstep at a time that suits you. Most of the returns/exchanges are picked within 2 working days. 

How do I return/exchange an item I purchased with a coupon?
If you used a coupon to purchase something from our website and want to return it, we just add it to your return coupon. For example, if you ordered shoes for AED100 and used a coupon for AED 30, you actually paid AED 70. But if the shoes do not fit and you want to have them exchanged for a different size, we still will credit AED100 so you don’t lose the benefit of having used a coupon!

I have changed my mind. Can I still cancel an order before I receive the item?
At YallaWalla, the most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable buying the items you really want. If you want to cancel an order, the rule is that the sooner you inform us the better! Cancellations depend on whether your order has been shipped or not. Usually, this happens within one business day. Hence, we give you the possibility to cancel your order at a very early stage. If this is the case, please send us a request through the Contact Us form and we will take care of everything!

However, if your order has been shipped we would not be able to cancel it. At that point your next best option is to return the item for a coupon if you aren’t satisfied with it. Please note that in our efforts to deliver best customer service, we aim to ship your order as soon as possible. Hence, in case you change your mind, we would advise you to Contact Us directly.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Credit Cards
At YallaWalla, our preferred payment method is via a secure credit card transaction. Rest assured, your card number will be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. We guarantee a safe shopping experience on our website. We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Orders completed with credit cards will not be charged any additional fees.

Cash on Delivery
For customers without access to a credit card, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD) as an alternative payment method. Using this service, you can select to pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. Please note that since the COD service is costly for us to provide, cash payment orders will be charged an additional AED 15 per order for the UAE, no matter the number of items your order contains!

We at YallaWalla are proud to offer PayPal as a method of payment! All you have to do is select PayPal as a payment method (after filling in your customer information) and proceed to 'Buy now.' You will be redirected to your PayPal account where all your debit or credit card details and address will be displayed, as well as your desired purchase. When you click "Pay Now" the amount will be sent to YallaWalla. If you do not click "Pay Now" within 30 minutes, your order will be cancelled.

Why should I use prepaid methods of payment?
If you use a prepaid method of payment (Credit card or PayPal), you will not have to pay COD (Cash on Delivery) - AED 15. Another benefit is that prepaid orders do not require phone verification so there is a good chance that your order would be processed faster!

Is YallaWalla’s website trusted for online payments?
We actually use industry-leading encryption standards! This encrypts the data you provide to us, ensures it is safe and not accessible to any third party. From your side, the most important is to protect your password. Your data is only used to process orders and to serve you better. It will be under no circumstances disclosed to any third party. For more information, please check Terms & Conditions.

My credit card details were rejected! What can I do?
Double check the following common mistakes:

Is the card you used for ATM use only?
Did you complete the 3D Secure Check successfully?
Were the following fields entered correctly – card number, name on card, CVV code, expiry date?
Is there sufficient limit on your credit card?
If the above conditions are met, call your bank to check if your credit card is eligible for online purchases or if there is any other reason blocking it.


What kind of products do you have at YallaWalla?
We have a wide variety of shoes, clothes, bags, perfumes, electronic gadgets, mobile phones and tablets and accessories for Men and Women. Check out our collection on

What brands do you have at YallaWalla?
We have a collection of recognized international brands as well as brands that are sold exclusively at YallaWalla. For a complete list of available brands please visit Our Brands page.

How can I search for a product at YallaWalla?
Just enter what you are looking for in our powerful search bar on the top left of the page, and it will give you all the relevant products corresponding to your query. We offer you the possibility to further refine your search through the advanced search bar on the left that appears with your search results. Using advanced search, you can further choose category, brand, color, price and size as more specific search criteria.

Does YallaWalla guarantee authenticity of its products?
We only sell 100% authentic products at YallaWalla. We stand behind the authenticity of every product we sell. All of our products are sourced from authorized distributors and are premier quality.

The item I want is out of stock. What do I do?
Although we try to have a stock level that will keep up with expected demand, certain items that are highly popular can sometimes run out of stock. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide timelines for when a specific item will be available again. As stocks continuously change and new products are always being added, please continue to check in to see if we have restocked your desired item or another style like it. However, You can add the items which you like in your wishlist once you have logged in to

What if I don’t like my order? What if it doesn’t fit?
At YallaWalla, we have a 14 days return policy. As long as the products are still in saleable condition, and it is within 14 days of delivery, you can exchange your order or return it for a coupon.

To request an exchange or coupon, please contact our customer support team via e-mail at or call us at (+971)42272622 to schedule a pick up. Once you inform us that the items are on their way to YallaWalla, we will issue a return coupon for you that you can use to purchase a different size, or a different item altogether.

What if I receive a different item than the one I ordered?
We at YallaWalla take extra care to ensure that you receive what you ordered. In case we made a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible via the Contact Us form, or call us on (+971)42654404. We will schedule a pick-up of the item and immediately issue you a coupon to place a new order.


Where do you deliver to?
We offer delivery across the major metropolitan areas of the United Arab Emirates within 2-3 working days, a complete list of our major destinations is available here.

Unfortunately, there are a number of locations where we are currently not able to offer home delivery. 

Please note that if you live beyond the city limits of the location you've selected then it may be necessary to collect your shipment. If you're unsure about whether or not your address is too far please make sure to call us on (+971)42654404 to avoid delays.

Do you have extra charges for delivery?
For every order lesser than AED 149 an extra charge for delivery of 15AED willl be applicable

Why am I paying shipping charges?
5 AED service charge is levied for all orders below 149 AED  to cover the cost to us of providing this service. Also, 15 AED will be charged for delivery if your cart item contains Electronicd and accessories, Home Decor and Watches.

How long will it take to receive my order?
The delivery promise for our major destinations is available here. The majority of our clients should expect the first delivery attempt within one working day of placing the order.

  • Customers in Bahrain should expect to receive their shipments in 7 to 15 working days
  • Customers in Kuwait should expect to receive their shipments in 7 to 15 working days
  • Customers in Oman should expect to receive their shipments in 7 to 15 working days
  • Customers in Qatar should expect to receive their shipments in 7 to 15 working days
  • Customers in UAE (serviceable Areas) should expect to receive their shipments in 2-3 working days

The effective working days are from Saturday to Thursday and do not include Public holidays.

How can I make sure I get same or next day delivery?
The majority of customers receive their first delivery attempt within one working day.

If you live in Dubai or Sharjah and place your order before 11 am we should be able to have your order out for delivery to you by that afternoon.

Ordering by Credit Card or Paypal will significantly increase your chances of getting same day delivery as we won’t have to spend any time screening your order.

My order has been shipped, what next?

When your order is ready for delivery you should receive an SMS notification. This means that one of our drivers has your shipment and should be on the way to you shortly.

If you need to reschedule or are unavailable for any reason please make sure to call us on (+971)42654404

How can I track my order?
We currently are unable to offer online tracking for YallaWalla last mile shipments. However if you email or call (+971)42654404 our team members will be happy to update you.

I've been waiting longer than the delivery promise for my location, what should I do?
First of all we're very sorry that we were not able to meet the delivery promise for your area. Our YallaWalla Delivery Solutions team will contact you soon to support in any way we can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly by calling (+971)42654404 or by emailing

I don't want to receive my shipment, what should I do?
You can cancel your order at any time before the order has been shipped from our warehouse. Once you've received the shipping confirmation it will not be possible to cancel your order.

Failure to receive a shipment or accept calls from our carrier partner without a legitimate reason may result in your account being blocked from making future cash on delivery orders.

What is the difference between ‘Cash on Delivery’ charge and shipping fee?
We like to give our customers the flexibility of paying cash on delivery but we have to pay our courier an extra fee for all cash on delivery (COD) orders. Hence an extra COD charge is added only when you choose cash as your method of payment. There are no extra fees if you use a credit card, PayPal or a return coupon because shipping is on us!

What if the item I received was damaged?
At YallaWalla we always take extra care in packaging your items. However, in case the item you received was damaged, please inform us immediately via the Contact Us form/ or call us on (+971)42654404 in the UAE.

Can I place an order outside the GCC?
Currently YallaWalla covers the GCC only. We are planning to expand to other parts of the Middle East shortly, so please stay tuned because we might start shipping to your country sooner than you think!

How can I change my delivery address?
Please fill in the Contact Us Form to notify us of your correct address. Also note that our team will call you prior to delivery and you will have a chance to confirm your shipping address to them or change it at that time.


How secure is shopping on YallaWalla?
What if I forgot my password?
It is super easy to reset your password! Go to ““My Account”” on and click on “Forgot your password?”. Type your email address and then click “Submit”. A password reset link will be sent to your email


How do I redeem my coupon?
Your coupon is usually a code of letters and numbers which will be sent to you by email. The code will be valid for 3 months. When placing an order, please input the coupon code into the ‘Coupon’ box, at the bottom of the payment page, and select “Use Coupon”. We will automatically show you how much your order costs before using the coupon and how much you’re expected to pay after this discount. Once that’s done, press ‘Buy Now’

What are the different types of coupons that I could use?
We have two general types of coupons: Specific amounts of coupons (such as AED50) or percentage coupons (such as 10% discount coupons). You can receive coupons through special offers sometimes offered on our website, so stay tuned!

Can I use more than one coupon at a time?
You can only use one coupon per order.

What if my order costs less than the return coupon? Do I lose the remaining value?
Absolutely not! If you have a return coupon and use it to purchase something that costs less than the value of the coupon, please let us know. We will issue you a new coupon worth the remaining value.

Can I use a coupon more than once?
We are continuously issuing new coupons to satisfy your needs. Each coupon has its own terms & conditions. A coupon can be used more than once only if it is specified in its terms & conditions. A return coupon can be used only once. However, if your new order’s amount is less than the coupon’s, please send us an email and will issue you a coupon representing the remaining amount.